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Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Port Orange, FL?

Injured in an Auto Accident in Port Orange, FL? Our car accident lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for medical care resulting from injuries sustained in a car or truck accident or due to the negligence of another.  Florida is a no-fault state. This means that the state considers neither driver at fault for insurance purposes regardless of which driver actually caused the accident or injury. As a result, each driver’s insurance company will settle the claim up to the policy limits.

How can we help?

The Law Office of Bonnie Berns, P.A., has more than thirty years of experience helping Florida drivers recover financial compensation for their truck and auto accident injuries. Your car or truck accident attorney will conduct a thorough accident investigation, review medical and police reports, and interview witnesses to build your case. In addition, we will inspect the damages to all vehicles involved and can even help settle claims with your insurance company.  While most cases are settled out of court, we are always prepared to go to trial when necessary.

Personal Injury Protection

In an effort to combat fraud in the auto insurance industry, Florida lawmakers passed a series of tort reforms limiting the insurance company’s liability. This made it more difficult for injured drivers to seek medical treatment for their injuries. The maximum allowable PIP (personal injury protection) benefit on a Florida auto policy is $10,000 per occurrence provided you seek medical attention within 14 days of the accident or injury.

What if my injuries are greater than my PIP coverage?

In many cases, the maximum PIP coverage is not sufficient to cover many auto or truck accident injuries. In this case, you will need a car or truck accident lawyer to seek compensation from the negligent party or parties. Acting as you car accident attorney in Port Orange, FL, we will file a personal injury lawsuit with the negligent party or parties to recover monetary relief for the pain and suffering of your injuries, lost time from work, physical therapy and other compensation you deserve.

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