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When you have been injured on the premises of a local business in Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Deltona, or any other area in Volusia County, contact Attorney Bonnie A. Berns right away for a case consultation.

A store owner has a responsibility to provide you with a safe environment inside the store and on the grounds around the store. The store owner is supposed to prevent you from getting hurt by dangerous conditions that exist in or around the store or building. For example, the store owner has a responsibility to you to make sure that liquid spills are picked up quickly, that hand rails are sturdy and not broken, that aisles are clear for walking, that floor surfaces are safe and not bumpy, and that nothing falls on you.

Attorney Bonnie Berns has spent over thirty years representing people who have slipped and fell on liquids in stores, or been the victim of other dangerous conditions in a building or store that caused them harm. No matter what has happened to you on a business or around a business premises that has caused you harm, Bonnie Berns is ready to help you.

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